Little Nubber

I was lucky enough to get quite close to a herd of Elk grazing in the trees yesterday. What a beautiful, amazing experience. Unfortunately, the long lens I have is quite difficult to focus –only one aspect will be clear usually, and in many cases this was the trees. I am very much an amateur so I do hope to get better. It is very annoying. but I did get a couple of pretty good shots and this one in particular of a “little nubber” as I called him. I would think that he is only a yearling if that is the correct term. There were a couple of them in the group I was photographing (see his friend below). I hope that one day they do grow into huge bulls with stately racks of antlers. The elk were quite happy to let me stand and shoot photos while they grazed for about 10 minutes or so and then they trotted off deeper into the woods and I let them go. I know that living here is going to give me many opportunities to take pictures and improve as time goes on.

See ya later!

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