Bloody Carpenters

Ha hahaha… I’m not talking

about these guys though.

As far as I know they didn’t

do anything more offensive

than “Rainy Days and Mondays”,

did they?

I doubt it!

No, it’s these little buggers that I’m pissed off with! I had seen a couple on the deck and followed them to see where they were nesting and it is in our eaves! They apparently breed like nobody’s business so we have to treat the house. By the way — they are Carpenter Ants if you hadn’t already worked that one out. They will eat my house if I don’t do something about it. They can get up to an inch long you know. Yep! They are bigger than any ant has a right to be if you ask me! They make my skin crawl. When you see one carrying a little moth in its jaws it is even creepier.
Can’t wait to say goodbye!

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