No More Wardrobe but Plenty of War!

OK, Narnia then…I love this kind of fantasy movie, by the way, so I had anticipated a happy, blissful, enchanting movie, full of childish awe, magic and rainbows etc. etc. It is many, many years since I read the Chronicles so I didn’t really have an impression of what I should expect in the story line, but it wasn’t the little girl’s dream I just described, that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong — I still enjoyed it and overall I give it about a B+. As for the little girl’s dream, Prince Caspian is suitably dashing, chivalrous and charming as the teenage dreamboat and there are lots of ponies and the hint of a naive, innocent, romantic connection with Susan and Caspian, but that’s where the similarities end. There was much less magic involved than I remember from The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe and the whole movie had a darker feel to it. The young Kings and Queens return to a devastated Narnia 1300 years (in Narnia) after they left, from a very nostalgic, albeit fake, London underground station called “The Strand”, and ditch their very authentic looking school uniforms for clothes they left behind all those years before. They then embark on battle after battle after battle after…you get the picture, right? The battles are done very well and there is tension, drama and plenty of mythical creatures around, there’s even a brief appearance from the snow bitch herself to keep me entertained but I do wonder if kids will enjoy it as much as the last. It seemed to lack that mystical “something”. Aslan does appear in the movie and it it is ripe with allegory as C.S. Lewis would have wanted, but again, I wonder if that will also be missed by the kids who make up the majority of the viewing public for the film. I bet they still go back and watch the next one though — regardless! I do hope ‘they’ don’t keep us waiting quite as long this time though.

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