"Bailey! Where’s Bailey?"

We have echoes of Amber lightly calling for Bailey. “Bailey, where’s Bailey?” she calls, and Good Bailey comes trotting up. Bad Bailey takes a while and needs some coaxing and pushing. Sometimes Devil Bailey appears and does whatever the heck Bailey wants to do. That’s puppies for you and are Beagles ever bloody stubborn dogs!!

Our friends left on Tuesday and Bailey and his cute stubborn little butt has gone too. Betty was so patient with him and just loved having someone to chase about with. I think she’ll miss him a bit but Bean is a resourceful and energetic girl and gets her exercise and “fun” somehow. She had a goodbye game with him early Tuesday morning before they climbed in the car to start a long drive to their next destination and then she spent the next 7 hours running about back and forth between trees on the look out for squirrels.

It was fun having Ryan and Amber here again. They are great house guests. Hey Guys! Hope you can come back again in the not too distant future.

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