Another Avian Anecdote

Monday afternoon I was sitting peacefully reading Ruth Rendell when a little birdie hopped on into the living room from the deck. Not quickly enough, I tried to shoo the little guy out, fearing the circus that can ensue with three dogs in the house. Unfortunately he winged it upward, startled by my fussing, and perched on the highest sill squawking in distress. Luka immediately jumped up and stood guard below him more in curiosity than anything else. I managed to shoot a few pictures as I tried in vain to herd the visitor to one of the many openings I provided in his path; garage door, kitchen door, front door, bedroom door. He just flapped from room to room, window to window managing to miss every opportunity at freedom. Sascha glanced up bored from an afternoon nap in my office as we traipsed by; birdie, Angie, Luka. Deep sigh and she was back to sleep. She couldn’t have cared less. Luka didn’t make a sound and just trotted behind me wagging and nodding happily. It must have continued for about 20 mins and I was getting anxious as I was due to leave for my hike and was not about to shut a bird in my house for two hours and just leave. Everyone else was out. All of a sudden, Bean, who had been pestering chipmunks in the woodshed for about 3 hours came in, I assume for a drink by the way the drool slipped from her jowl, and she caught sight of the little fella and leaped several feet across the dining room while snapping at the tail feathers and missing only narrowly as it frantically climbed higher into the air and out of reach. Two more crazy plunges from Betty and the bird swooped and screeched out the open front door and soared high up to the trees with my panicked screams of “No Betty!” trailing it in the distance. Phew! I can’t believe how close she got. I swear, if she ever actually catches anything she pursues, well I don’t know…it doesn’t bear thinking about really. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to post these pictures if she had snatched the bird up in her mouth. I know she’s a mutt but sometimes it seems as though she has cat stock in her lineage 😉
Luka is such a big softee that he would probably have made friends. You know those movie type dogs where the bird would ride around on the dog’s back or something. That’s my Luka. I must tell you about the rabbit sometime! I didn’t get photos to post but that is for another day. I wonder what kind of bird this is. I must get myself a bird book now that I live up here and maybe a flowers and trees book too. See what a wildly exciting life I live…

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