Skyline Sizzles but it’s Blankets in the Bleachers

Just a quick post to start out the week! Skyline, you might remember is the softball team my hubby plays on! That’s the handsome devil up above, he pitches. Last Thursday they had a double header and the first game started at 7.30 pm when the sun was still up. It wasn’t warm then, but Skyline was playing the Sheriff’s Department so we were enthusiatic in the cheering section as our team walloped ’em! The final score was 19 to 5!! Skyline played so well. They all seemed to be in the right positions for fielding and it ran more or less like clockwork. They were batting like stars too. There was a tit for tat when the pitcher caught my hubby’s second hit and J then returned the favor next inning in exactly the same move! An unfortunate accident ensued where hubby throwing to first to try for the double play (runner coming back from a sprint to second) hit the guy in the back with the ball. He didn’t do this on purpose of course, who wants to make an enemy of a local Sheriff after all? However, the apology did not seem to go over well either — I guess they weren’t having a great game so you can’t expect all smiles. Oh well, sorry anyway sheriff man.

We all pulled our blankets tighter around us for the second game against Diamond Rock (yes blankets — I know it’s June but it was bloody freezing Thursday night) and the wind whipped through the fields until just after dark when it calmed down, but then the cold just seeped into our bones. Skyline seemed not to care and continued to have a fabulous night at bat and in the field and after Diamond Rock were lulled into a false sense of security, scoring 8 runs in the first inning, Skyline hammered on and beat them 27:15. Fabulous! It was worth staying cold a little longer for the celebration can of coors and then we nipped off home and soaked it all away in the hot tub before bed.

I think they were all heroes that night, nearly everyone was hitting (even hubby –who was very excited that his mojo was back). Jay took two home runs so he was probably the star there, and Dave and Josh were fantastic in the outfield so they are my picks for “men of the match” this week.

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