Mountain Bayou 2008: Dog Fest!

Hey! so we had our big party on Saturday! It was fantastic. Great Flag Day and Father’s Day weekend! I got back from class at 2 p.m. and there were already quite a few people there. Nearly everyone brought their dogs as we suggested on the invitation. Jim, our neighbour had even brought one of his horses and people were riding around the yard. This is not as bad as it sounds as we have nearly 4 acres! So, people rotated in and out all day and many stayed after dark singing and playing guitar around the fire. Nearly everyone we asked came at some time during the day and some stayed the whole time. The weather was gorgeous and sunny and may have reached 80 at one point. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. People played horseshoes in the new pits, some played pool, some went fourwheeling and dirtbiking and some took the opportunity to go for a walk out in the forest while they were up here. Thankfully we have plenty of parking in the circle and access to the forest right out the back gate so it is ideal. Some people early on brought their guns with and used the range — ably run by Seaux! We had a shrimp crab broil and threw it out on the tables like the prequel a couple of weeks back and we also had deer, elk, buffalo and antelope steaks and burgers, hot dogs and chicken. It was all gone! We had a keg of coors light, 5 coolers of soft drinks cans and water bottles and it too was all gone. I’m grateful that nobody got out of control drunk but also glad that there were so many designated drivers. There were no problems at all which is always my concern when so many get together and have a beer, there were no accidents, no fights, not even between the dogs, and I think we must have had about 20-25 there! There were no roving gangs of jack russels circling the retrievers and labs with sharpened pigs ears or anything like that and they chased and frolicked happily together for hours kicking up the dust and trying and failing to intercept the football from the kids. Poor Betty Bean spent all day trying to fend off the amorous advances of Toby and Jackson, a persistant Jack Russel and sausage dog but to no avail. She is apparently a veritable doggy super model! My Goldens were just exhausted the whole day because they had been chasing around the day before with Bailey and also Jack and Jen’s 3 dogs (Jack stayed friday night here) and they are just too old, bless them! Also a bonus — no teenagers tried got sneaking any alcohol and all the kids were thankfully very closely supervised. It was a great family event. We got to meet some of the couples in the neighbourhood that we didn’t already know and also saw some old friends we hadn’t seen for a long time (in some cases years!) I had a great time too and I have stamped my approval for this to be an annual event. Here are some photos of just some of the dogs and peeps who had fun here this weekend. Thanks to all our mountain neighbours and CS friends, military buddies, rafting and softball mates and also work friends who made it out here. We missed those who couldn’t get here this year and hope that we see you all soon!

Pete brought his equipment and set up for music. It was fabulous. Thanks Pete.

These goofballs are Amber, Drew, Ryan and Amber T

Dave and Mike playing horseshoes (Mike and Ellie’s dog Fate), Corrie in background

Barry, Aaron, Mary

John and Paul

Good Neighbours

Kids play with Maggie (Tyler and Jenna’s pup)

Seaux who ran the range and ensured everyone was safe!

Charlie (Jack and Jen’s puppy pointer) gets in the way in the pit

Cush waits patiently for a treat (This is the garage couch by the way)

Betty is approached by lotharios Toby and Jackson

Elmo and Lucky sniff hello

My tired girl! We all did lots of this the next day!

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