More Bird News

So, I hiked this evening as I do every Monday, Tuesday and Friday and also on Sundays but I just had to comment today on how quickly it turned from Winter to Summer here! I don’t think we really get a Spring at all –in fact it can only be identified as a separate season by the number of calves in the fields (poor, chilly little calves). Summer just happens upon us all of a sudden. One evening you will hear crickets, the humming birds are back, the Aspens are sudenly green and the wildflowers are out and that is it — arrived! I’m not complaining we might get temps up to 80 for the weekend (well high seventies anyway, we are at 9200 feet!). That will be perfect as we are having a barbeque on Saturday afternoon and my hubby has invited everyone he knows and everyone who knows them!

Back to hiking and the summer because the point of my post is a follow on from my earlier bird bulletin. Something that I have seen a LOT of over the last week out in the mountains is this
beautiful little fella (the photo is not mine as I’m just not quick enough) but just look at him! It is like stepping into Disney’s Snow White when they fly by becasue they are so bright they seem animated. Remember that powder we mixed into paint in infantand junior school (elementary)? The blue powder was such a bright dusty colour before the water was mixed! That is what these birds are like. It is as though the rest of us are in black and white. I love my hikes. This place is a fabulous place to live! Here he is, the Mountain Blue Bird (surprise, surprise!)

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