Defender of the Realm

So I finally got some pictures of our Hummingbird! He’s a broadtailed hummingbird (I think) and they nest here in Colorado. I have thought for a while now that it might be the same one I keep seeing and I found out today that they are very territorial. After wintering in Central America they return to former summer habitats and they remember where they had found food before. Anyway I saw the little guy (I know its male now, having photographed him and looked him up) and he did exactly what the website on hummingbirds said “Males will not hesitate to descend aggressively upon almost any intruder in their territory including larger birds, cats, squirrels, human beings, butterflies, moths, bees, wasps, and/or yellow jackets. When an intruder is spotted, they will fly directly at them, chasing the trespasser out of its territory.” Sounds like my hubby. Ha Ha. From my hot tub hideout in the space of about 10 minutes I watched him diligently conduct aerial combat against other hummers and a large Monarch butterfly. Such aeronautical skills in a display all for me — banking here and diving there, barrel roll, sideslip, pitch and soar, spin, spiral, two figures of eight and a victory roll — the spoils are his indeed! I’ve named him Major Mannock or “Mick” for short. Here he is:

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