View from the Tub

It was beautiful on Monday and I decided to take some pics of the view from my hot tub on the deck. It was so warm and the birds were singing en force! There was no wind but a very gentle breeze making the leaves of the aspens flicker and shimmer!

Here is a closeup of the mountain

The aspens in the yard finally have some leaves

Sascha was seeking some shade

I am in desperate need of a pedicure!

And now it’s Thursday. I awoke to crashing thunder and only about 2 minutes of heavy rain pounding on the roof. It has become so dry up here, so quickly that it was a welcome sound, but it didn’t last long enough. We really need some more moisture as fire season creeps in to rattle our nerves once again. Anyway, I got up and this is what we have as a view from the tub today!

snow in June

no longer the shade


the tub

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