Poem of No Small Regret — one of my own

Poem of No Small Regret by Angela Knipe

Whenever it is time to say goodbye
The day starts too soon.
My heavy fingers tap out the message
Will you think of me often?
Blinking at the screen blinking back at me in the half light
I feel the silence soak into my skin.
The ashen world echoes dread thoughts from a sleepless night
In chilly syllables across the empty calm

Dawn yawns and the sun, also tired of shining,
Crouches reluctantly on the sill bleeding across the horizon.
Only the flames in the grate dance joyfully,
Mocking the hour and taunting the approaching day.
You hook your foot around the covers and sigh,
Your face so peaceful and hushed as
Inconsequential dreams carry you on in filmy slumber
And the dog snuggles deeper into the crook of your arm

A cow chewing at the fence catches my eye across the field.
She’s eyeing me. A scrutiny so unnerving.
Does she know? It seems like a trick but
Is she making careful assessment?
Judging in the dew?
It looks like rumination. How can I be sure
this blissful bovine beauty is oblivious?
A flush of fear. That feeling again!

The tingle on my tongue, blood rushing,
drums pounding in my ears.
Looking back at you I’m desperate for the balm
But peace does not reach me here.
Those covers hold no haven of warmth or comfort.
The wasteland stretches out in insufficiency and
My thwarted dreams barren and parched,
Throw up their hands and we surrender finally to the novel darkness

Photo by Georgios Wollbrecht @ http://www.sxc.hu/profile/Wazari

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