First Class First Class

I’m only taking one college course during the summer. I managed a 4.0 GPA for my first semester back to school and I am rewarding myself with a bit of break so I can see family etc. Anyway, the class I am taking is World Regional Geography and it wasn’t really top of the pops for me on my Biology track, however, to transfer to UCCS I have to have either that or anthropology (I know, very specific, but I think it’s to fill a cultural diversity credit and that isn’t a bad thing for a degreee to do). So I signed up to take an all in one morning per week course, five hours on a Saturday. The first one was this weekend gone.

I arrived early at the Down Town campus, which is pretty typical for me on a first day — I’m fidgety that way — and then I spilled my tea all over the table outside the classroom, also typical for me — I’m downright clumsy that way. Of course there was someone else there (luckily just the one someone else) and this was a perfect opportunity to meet. The Ideal, icebreaking, “Hi I’m an idiot you have to suffer through the same class with every Saturday for 10 weeks” moment! But instead of an embarrassing, greet and retreat it turned out pretty normal and I received the fabulous news from “someone else” (I really should have gotten his name, how rude!) that my instructor was the best to ever grace the stage at the college. I was in for a treat apparently. The enthusiasm was overwhelming me and He could obviously read deep skepticism in my eyes (or the slow nod and “if you say so, nerdy” expression on my face).

“Don’t you know who’s instructing you?” he said, obviously aghast, and also not so secretly delighted that he got to break it to me! “It’s Mike Madsen!”

“The weather guy?” I said
“Yes Maam!”

Now unless you live in Colorado you probably have no idea who he is. Some people who live here may not know either but then they are not having a life and need to come out from under the rocks. I was, I hate to say, suitably impressed. It’s not like he said George Clooney or anything, (I might have passed out at that revelation, even his girlfriend doesn’t get him every Staurday for 10 weeks does she?), but he is a local celeb’ and I had seem him on TV enough that when he, very shortly afterwards, stolled up the corridor with a huge, welcoming, ‘forget its early on a Saturday’ look and unlocked the classroom door, I knew “someone else” had been speaking the truth.
Our class, apparently, was only just (two day previously) declared subscribed enough to proceed. Something else I didn’t know — perhaps that is why students seem to wait a while to get their books. I assumed the class was secure! Anyway it soom became evident that the person in the know, who by the way has taken two of Mike Madsen’s classes already, so should be fairly accurate on the subject, does indeed know his stuff. Mr. Madsen is an entertaining, engaging, funny lecturer who encourages interaction and participation and delivers his subject matter with enthusiam and authoritative knowledge. It was the quickest five hours of class I have had, I believe. First Class first class indeed. I was on a natural high heading home with maps and book and celebrity story under my arm and I hopped out to the parking lot in the sunshine and …dropped eveything in my search for my carkey and the parking ticket I had forgotten to endorse at Campus Life!

I’m excited to do the class now and much more picky about who I get my weather from! You have to be loyal, don’t you think?

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