Turtle in the Fossil Beds

Sunday, first day in June, it was GORGEOUS! I went for a quick 50 minute hike with Eva and then met up with Karen and Judy for horseback riding at the fossil beds. They both own several horses and so as the luckiest friend in the world I get to join them riding sometimes. Judy brought Turtle for me to ride. He is beautiful and gentle and…impatient today. He kept pushing Chief in the butt to make him move. I don’t know what he was in such a hurry about, I’m sure. I didn’t remember my camera in my hurry to get to Lovell Gulch for the hike and with the blue cloudless skies, warm breeze and fabulous mountain scenery, that seemed straight out of the old wild west, it was a shame. God was truly the artsit today. Next time photos of the landscape and the horses! I had a great day. We were out for about five hours with a nice long cheese and wine break in the middle. We broke bread under a patch of Aspens and I fed the horses carrots while we all rested. On the ride back we saw elk (a mummy was trying very hard to draw us away. She must have recently calved!) and a hawk chasing a raven which was fabulous. They both soar and tumble. It was breathtaking. The whole day was an idyllic, smily happy people kind of day!

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