Divine Intervention?

My hubby plays on a local softball team Skyline Services, and they play on Thursday evenings. Last Thursday they were playing Church of the Nazarene and it was the the first game I had been to this season. It was an entertaining game but unfortunately our team lost 10-14 (still respectable, I think) they are bummed of course. Beating themselves up, heads hanging for a few seconds, only drinking one or two beers, ’cause who’s celebrating right? 😉 J pitches for the team and did pretty well — not too much belly itching, but not his finest. This night though his batting was way off so he didn’t have a happy game. He looked good though! Ha Ha. I am biased of course.

The hero of our team this week was Dave who stirred bleacher and field excitement in the third inning with a home run that brought in two other runners. Even Mussie (Dave and Michelle’s beautiful lab) had woofing cheers of appreciation for her momentarily famous pops! The sun was shining and the evening warm and all was well in the small mountain town. We were down but not out and it looked like we were turning around…alas, it was not to be. Gorious victory was not to be ours this week.

It seems to me that Church of the Nazarene may have mustered a little extra help on a wing and a prayer and with some angels in the infield they held us back on some pretty good double outs. Well done the other team (Where did you get those halos short stop, first base?)

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