Magnificently Unprepared

I haven’t hiked the reservoir for about 7 or 8 months! It is 16 miles of gorgeous views and I love the hike but Wow! I had forgotten how punishing 16 miles carrying a ruck can be. I need to get BACK IN SHAPE! It was an overcast day for much of it so it was pretty ideal hiking weather even if it wasn’t the best day for photography! I still like some of the shots I got, even though it was pretty dark. We really worked it out today too, jogging all the downhills and making it to the dam in 3 hours. The whole 16 took us 4 hours and 50 mins including about 30 mins of breaks along the way for photographs and food.

The last mile and half was the most challenging becasue we were all ready to stop. I am so glad that is how I spent the day though. I forgot the body glide and have a treasure of a blister and I’m sure my hips will pay the price tomorrow but I really neede to blow the cobwebs out and the Rocky Mountains is a great place for that.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day because the sun was out for a while and the water was so still the reflections were beautiful

and can you believe that it is almost June and there was still some ice hiding in the forest? It was like a tiny glacier!

This is a shot I
loved for its mysterious quality so I destaurated it a bit to enhance the mood!

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