Not happy about more snow

A rare occasion with a ballBetter take a picture quick cos I’m all done with this ball

Beanface is a nickname I give to the newest and youngest of our dogs. They are my babies and I thought I would introduce them one at a time. I am starting with Bean because I have brand new photos of her. Her “real” name is Betty and she used to belong to a friend who stayed with us for a few months. Bean stayed behind because she loved it so much here and because her owner must have taken great pity on me as it approached time for her to go! She is a mixed breed and she came from the Humane Society. Bean is loveable and affectionate. She adores other dogs and loves it when friends bring their pets so she can play. Sascha and Luka (my other babies) will be 10 this year so she doesn’t get a lot of playtime out them. Bean has more energy than the whole family put together. Here are some lovely shots of her. I’ll tell more about her as I progress in my blog.

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